Ssshhhh! Gentle Retouching is My Secret!

Just a “Little Dab Will Do You”

You’re right! It may not look like I did that much to improve this portrait, but as they say, “the secret is in the sauce”.

The “sauce’s” ingredients include several years honing my skills in Photoshop and many of its plug-ins. Many seminar trips involving air faire, hotel stays, dining out, and sharing rides and paying for gas. And many hours of practice.

So while it may not look like I did that much or spent a lot of time editing it, I think you’ll agree it’s very effective. I always want to ensure that no facial features are changed, just gentle retouching is artfully performed to enhance the beauty that is already there.

Before and After

Before and After


Professional makeup applied before a photo shoot is a huge help for anyone looking their very best in front of the camera. From there the art of gentle, but effective, retouching finishes the portrait awesomely. Wait – is “awesomely” even a real word? I think it is – at least in this case!


Before and After photo

Before and After