Class Picture

Is your child in a school where there are no school pictures or you’re not happy with their school pictures?

Then please let your school administrator know how much you’d like for All About You Portraits to come take the school photos!

I am offering professional portraits at your school’s location at very affordable rates. We just finished our first school portrait session in Rosanky. We learned a lot and are ready to put our skills and knowledge to work at your school!

What We Learned

  1. It is very helpful to use an iPad to preview the photos much larger than they show up in the camera’s viewfinder or its LCD screen. This is especially important when taking pictures of an entire class.
  2. Using the iPad, allow the teachers to select the class photo that they liked best – in real time!
  3. The devil is in the details. Careful inspection of each child is completed on the iPad to ensure their clothing, pose, and facial expression is ideal.
  4. An assistant to the photographer is highly beneficial in double-checking these details, and for saving time in setup, shutdown, and everything in between.
  5. Hang the largest backgrounds sideways, to get the very widest portion of it behind the larger classes.

Click here to see a sample of individual and class school pictures taken.

Don’t they look great? Be sure to recommend All About You Portraits to be your school’s professional photographer!