I Don’t Do Weddings!

It’s True. Most of the Time. Anyway…

I get so many requests to be a wedding photographer that I’d be making a good profit in this business if I did them. I usually reply with, “Sorry, I don’t do weddings, but I can refer you to someone who does them”. I met the married photographers at a wedding venue and spoke with them at length and saw the work they did. So I can recommend them with a clean conscience.

So far, I’ve had two people who had convinced me otherwise. One was a small, private wedding of just the couple and a minister. OK, surely I can do those without seating bullets. But the other, well they had 50 guests! How did the groom-to-be convince me? He told me he really wanted me to photograph his special day. See, I’ve gone to his fiancé ‘s home to photograph their foster dogs, pro bono as a HeARTS Speak artist for Bastrop Animal Rescue. The couple was so concerned that I didn’t get in any good shots with the dogs running all over the property and not posing for me. But they were extremely impressed with the photos I delivered from that session, that they decided I *had* to be their wedding photographer!

I mean, if I can produce photographs like THAT of moving dogs, surely I can be a wonderful wedding photographer! Ahem…

Right. Well, sort of… Let’s look at some of the reasons why I don’t do weddings as a rule.

  1. They require at least 4-6 hours of coverage. (I’m no spring chicken)
  2. They require nerves of steal. (Not me!)
  3. They require skill for working with “bridezillas”. (Ugh, I don’t WANT to do that!)
  4. They generally require at least 2 photographers to capture all the special moments during a traditional wedding. (I’m just one person)
  5. They require extreme physical fitness, between lugging so much equipment around and capturing things at all kinds of weird angles. (I’m working on it, but again, I’m no spring chicken)

The selling point in my agreeing to do the 2nd wedding – aside my ego being so kindly stroked – was that the couple only wanted two hours of coverage. Two! Plus I really, really liked them as people.

So I did it. I had fun at the event and especially when working with the wedding party. We had an out-and-out HOOT! I somehow became very extraverted and got them to do all kinds of funny antics. But don’t just take my word for it, the proof is in the pudding!