Effective January 2016, I am  HeARTS Speak artist!

HeARTS Speak artist member

What does this mean to you?

Probably not a whole lot! I dedicate one day a week or more to helping animals in need with quality photographs at my local animal shelter and animal rescue. In my spare time, I help other rescues and animal groups as well.

I firmly believe each of us was born into this life to help others along our journey to a fulfilled life. Maybe animals aren’t your thing, but there are many other souls in need of a helping hand. Children: orphaned, fostered, or abused. How about the elderly? How about the sick or dying? The homeless? The hungry?

I challenge each and every one of you to make a commitment to help others starting TODAY! Do it! You’ll reap so many more rewards from the experience that you didn’t think possible. I promise!

Brianna dog up for adoption from Bastrop Animal Rescue