Give More of Yourself in 2014!

Give More and Be Amazed at How Much You Get in Return!

Find a group of persons or animals who cannot speak up for themselves and find ways that you can advocate for them. Everyone is different and that is a wonderful thing for the many groups and organizations who need our help. Anyone can help in many different ways. Facebook is wonderful for getting the Word out in educating others or for fulfilling a need. Transporting the elderly to doctor appointments, pets to rescue organizations, or visiting a nursing home or pet shelter to spend time with attention-starved beings who would enjoy even a short visit.


My primary outlet for giving revolves around my local animal shelter; I take photos for them weekly and on other occasions have transported dogs to safety and taken them for walks. I’ve also donated money towards medical treatments and Rescue Me dog vests at Christmas. Then I spend much of my spare time cross-posting on Facebook pets in danger of euthanasia across the country, some even international, in an effort to get them rescued, fostered, or adopted. I’ve learned  how amazing the power of giving is to those in need, and how energizing, rewarding and fulfilling it is for one’s soul  in return. I rarely talk about what all I do for the shelter pets because I’m usually too busy DOing what is needed for them!

What about you? What special talents can you offer to others in need?