We’ve all been there, but how do you deal with parents’ high expectations?

First of all, healthy expectations can be good for us! They get things done. They make us more efficient. They make us useful.

Only when these expectations are way too high, too much pressure is put onto us.

– Expectations of how you look

– Expectations of your friend choices

– Expectations of your school grades

It’s because your parents care about you that they set expectations. But sometimes, it just doesn’t sound that way. Nagging and complaining often hides the act of caring.

Do your parents bully you into doing things you don’t want to do? Parents mean well, but they are not perfect. Sometimes you just need to tell them how their actions are affecting you and work it out with them.

You can become very fearful of disappointing them and assume the struggle yourself, so it’s best to talk it out with them before any unhealthy attitudes set in.

The one that has to live that life is you in the end. Grab your courage and strength and talk with your parents. If all you’re doing is trying to please them, you will end up unhappy. You must talk with them when you need to take a path that’s different from their expectations.

Money isn’t everything and some parents do not understand that. You can be rich with happiness and sustain the life you want. It’s very hard when parents are not supportive of your choices, but again, you ultimately know best what makes you happy.

People can guide you, but only you can truly help yourself. From there you need to try to reason with your parents. Just do the best you can for yourself.

Sad, Stressed Out Girl

Sad, Stressed Out Girl