Have you ever heard of problems instead being labelled as “Opportunities”?

Did you ever wonder why that is?

Reputable companies and good-moral-character people see it this way because problems reported provide a looking glass into what about their product or service can be improved upon so future clients and friends don’t have a negative experience. Especially in times like these today, it’s so very important to have satisfied clients that recommend you or your company to others.

Also important is we as clients report problems to companies; give the company or friend a chance to understand your problem and rectify it.

Be patient, open-minded and open-hearted with the person working on the problem resolution. Let’s face it: we all make mistakes! Only if the company or friend ignores your reported problem or treats you rudely during the reporting, should you speak to others about it. Give the company or friend the chance first! Isn’t that how you’d like to be treated?