Spring Wanderings

After taking photos today of a foster dog named Annie, I decided to wander over to an area nearby that I had never before explored, a bird wildlife refuge. Ah, it’s Spring so I decided to explore a little. It seems like it’s been ages since I’ve done this and taken photos of the area’s natural fauna. I used to do that quite often, but not so much so since I took up portrait photography.

So today I got back to my ROOTS – ha-ha, a not so funny pun! Anyhoo, it was a lovely day out today and many wildflowers were in bloom and there was a nice little path I took to explore the fauna. I kept hearing certain bird calls but I could not locate the birds themselves; I heard Cardinals, Blue Jays, Red-Tailed Hawk, and an owl. But no luck finding those.

But I was delightfully surprised to come across a wild turkey and a woodpecker! For fauna I found Spiderworts, Bluebonnets, and a Dandelion of sorts. And poison ivy!

So I hope you enjoy the fauna and birds I managed to capture with my camera on this little hike. Get out and enjoy the outdoors!















There are many cliches about the topic of time, and I’ll try my best not to repeat any! However, I must admit the older I get, the faster time does seem to pass. I mean, before I retired from my day job, I thought the day of my retirement was some far off goal, whereby I’d have so much more time to do the things I love. FACT: Everyone has the same number of hours in any given day (as long as they’re alive). Maybe it’s because I’ve re-started my portrait photography business with a new focus and brand since my retirement… or maybe it’s because over time I’ve learned to live more in the moment… or perhaps it’s because I’m moving slower both physically and mentally than in my younger years, relative to that, time seems to move faster… then again it could just be possible it’s because I love what I’m doing because I’m setting my own timetable for reaching my outlined goals…


My Youngest Son & Girlfriend

My Youngest Son & Girlfriend

Can you ever remember as a child laying down in the green grass, looking up at the passing clouds and feeling like you’d be frozen in that moment forever? Or just how long it took each year for Christmas to arrive? “Some day” you knew you’d be a grownup, but it was taking too long, way too long!


My definition of time (I promise I did not look this up in any dictionary!): a sequential series of moments that can never be replicated with every variable present in that moment.


The other day I was going through my 26 year-old son’s baby and childhood photos with his girlfriend. I honestly didn’t remember taking so darn many photos of him and this was previous to my showing any interest in becoming a photographer! So many moments of time I captured on film (yes, I typed “film”!) brought back so many happy memories! I was elated after reviewing all these photo moments, all these memories! And no, I would not ever again be able to replicate these happy moments with every variable intact, no matter how much I’d wanted. Enjoy your moments! Preserve them in print so you can enjoy them many years from now. It’ll bring a big smile to you when you’re older! Some day it will seem as if it (the time since then) had happened in a blink.

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New Makeup Trends

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