Head Shots Galore!

Head Shots Galore!

I love doing head shots!

Hi, my name is Marlene, the photographer at All About You Portraits in Bastrop County. In my residential studio, head shots are so fast and easy – I can do one within 10 minutes! But do not fret if you’d *love* a longer session! I offer professional hair and makeup along with outfit changes if you prefer.

I create a setup to create sparkling eyes in every head shot I take, no matter what kind of session you choose.

Here’s a few of my more recent head shots. Call me at 512-626-5986 today to schedule your head shot session! Oh and please note my Black Friday (one day only) special where you can purchase Gift Certificates at 50% off. Yes, you read that right!!! You can purchase them right from my web site! Click HERE to purchase a Gift Certificate!


I now own a RING LIGHT

ATTENTION!!! I now own a RING LIGHT and will be posting photos of me practicing with it.

The goal is to get the lovely ring of light surrounding the pupil to brighten up the iris dramatically.

From trying it out on my son I learned I need to bring the light further away and use a zoom lens to capture it correctly.

In his photo below, the ring of light shows up in his pupil instead of his iris!

I think I got it to work the way it’s supposed to! Have to keep the ring light very close to the subject to get it to work.

Ring Light Portrait

Ring Light Portrait


2nd try: RING LIGHT

2nd try: RING LINGHT