Event Photography

What an honor it was to photograph Deana Doroshenko’s birthday bash at the gorgeous The Oasis restaurant.

So many friends and family came to celebrate with her.

Photographing everyone at sunset was an extra treat. The colors were a beautiful addition for the background.

Then once the music started, so did the dancing, which went on way past the time I had left!

Planning Your Own Birthday Party on short notice!

OK, so your birthday party is tomorrow and you haven’t planned your party; what are you going to do?!!!

Have a:

  1. A Limited Costume Party – such as, Wear Your Craziest Hat, or
  2. BYOS, Bring Your Own Snacks – make an FB page & have your friends RSVP & sign up for what they’ll bring, and/or,
  3. Raffle Ticket Party – Buy some raffle tickets at Party City and throughout the night raffle off some gifts for your friends.Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 4.45.18 PM