On 3rd Year as a HeARTS Speak Artist

On my 3rd year as a HeARTS Speak artist!

My love for homeless animals’ plight continues

I continue my pro bono work for the HeARTS Speak global organization by providing beautiful dog portraits to help homeless dogs get adopted.

Why? My love for all innocent creatures is quite simply put, endless. And my love for dogs in particular, is kind of strange considering I got bit in the face at the tender age of 4. This event required stitches for my face by my lips. You’d think that would have traumatized me, but no. My favorite TV show was “Lassie”, and my older siblings would make fun of me for crying whenever an animal on that show got hurt.

At a very young age I read my first “big book” which was, “Lassie Come Home”.  So the origin of these deep-rooted feelings comes from deep within my soul. I now keep three dogs as pets of all different sizes and breeds – all rescues. I really wish I could save them all!

When I first moved to Bastrop County late 2012, I got involved with the community by volunteering at the local shelter to transport dogs to prevent them from being euthanized due to shelter overcrowding. But once one of the volunteers learned that I was a professional photographer, she instead got me busy photographing the shelter dogs weekly to help them get adopted. After she left there, I primarily worked with a different volunteer as a dog handler, . This activity went on for a few years until Amy left that shelter and went to a different one.

In 2016 I Learned About A Special Organization

I joined HeARTS Speak, a nationally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization that’s uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals. United in their efforts, their global community of innovative thinkers, top-notch artists, and tireless advocates are saving lives, supporting animal welfare organizations, and transforming the world’s perception of pet adoption. 

This also coincides with the time when I started volunteering at the Lockhart Animal Shelter. My dog handler is a tireless volunteer there who oversees the rescue efforts of the homeless pets. It’s because of her that I can take great photos of the dogs to market for adoption. I could write a book on how my dog handler friend has transformed that little country animal shelter! She helped raise funds to provide air-conditioned kennels and large play yards for their dogs. It makes me proud to know that this is with whom I volunteer!

I don’t think I’ll ever stop providing pro bono work photographing homeless pets up for adoption. A few of the other organizations that I’ve provided this work to include Bastrop Animal Shelter, Bastrop Animal Rescue, Hardy-Hayes Refuge, and I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy. I also cross-post animals in need of homes on Facebook as “Marlene’s Hope“.

Do you happen to volunteer anywhere? Do you have an endless love or passion for anything? Please do tell me, I would love to hear about it!
Hearts Speak dog photo

Dog Dayz Are Coming to AAYP!

Dog Dayz

A Series of Days in our Residential Studio to benefit Animals In NEED



Session Booking starts TODAY

First come, first serve!


CALL 512-626-5986

Our next DOG DAY is Saturday September 10th (by appointment) to benefit Bastrop Animal Rescue

Our next VIEWING DAY is Wednesday September 14th (by appointment)

Full $49 session fee will be donated due to critical funding needs.

On this date, All About You Portrait’s residential studio is reserved for DOG Portraits of our furry friends, for the purpose of FUND RAISING for various Animal Shelters and Rescues on specific Saturdays.

Dog photo

dog photoLebel_20160808__DSC5262-web
We should tell you that this will not be your typical “Studio dog portrait day”. Nope, we are planning to create the best image of your dog showing his or her personality. Sometimes we get it in the first few frames, sometimes we may have to take 20; whatever it takes! We will be focusing on your dog and not so much as the backgrounds, props and colors.  As you can see by our samples your attention is drawn directly to the dog, and you know what that dog is like just by looking at them.

FIVE Reasons Why You Should Trust Us with Your Dog’s Portrait

  1. Your dog’s portrait will be better than any snapshots you might already have.
  2. Because we know you love your dog.
  3. Your dog wishes to help out their other furry friends.
  4. You will not find better prices for the best Dog Portrait.
  5. We know your dog wants this as your dog has already emailed us, telling us so.

DO NOT disappoint your dog!

We realize that now everyone can make it during regular hours, so we are staying open until 7:00 pm JUST FOR YOU! This gives us 24 sessions to shoot in one day (you need to book your appointment). Sessions are approximately 20 minutes long. Like we stated earlier, sometimes we can get those magic captures in the first 5 minutes, plus your dog might stress out, breathe heavy, tongue hanging out (which isn’t a bad thing), so we found 20 minutes is more than enough time.

A $20 reservation fee is required at the time of setting the session appointment and is non-refundable if you do not cancel within 48 hours of the session appointment. Otherwise, it will be kept as your account credit towards any purchase you may make, or will be returned in full if no purchase is made.dog photo
Dog photo go Coral

Here is our Dog Dayz Pricing


I am a HeARTS Speak Artist!

Effective January 2016, I am  HeARTS Speak artist!

HeARTS Speak artist member

What does this mean to you?

Probably not a whole lot! I dedicate one day a week or more to helping animals in need with quality photographs at my local animal shelter and animal rescue. In my spare time, I help other rescues and animal groups as well.

I firmly believe each of us was born into this life to help others along our journey to a fulfilled life. Maybe animals aren’t your thing, but there are many other souls in need of a helping hand. Children: orphaned, fostered, or abused. How about the elderly? How about the sick or dying? The homeless? The hungry?

I challenge each and every one of you to make a commitment to help others starting TODAY! Do it! You’ll reap so many more rewards from the experience that you didn’t think possible. I promise!

Brianna dog up for adoption from Bastrop Animal Rescue


Harris Ranch

Photographing people on a ranch with their animals is my new love!

A thoughtful daughter from Iowa purchased this portrait session for her parents’ anniversary present who live in Smithville, TX!

These people really love and care for their animals and I think I managed to capture their feelings in these portraits. I would love the opportunity to do these type of portrait sessions more often. Almost every image taken had their dogs or horses in them. Just beautiful!




Me and My “Other Life”

A prominent board member of the Bastrop Animal Rescue (BAR) group had this to say about me:

“The dogs at the Bastrop County Animal Shelter are fortunate to have award winning photographer Marlene Lebel in their corner. For years, this Certified Professional Photographer has donated her time and talent every week to capture the beauty of shelter pets. Marlene earned Best of Show, First Place Illustrative and Judge’s Choice at the Austin PPA Print Competition in 2013. This year she earned Certificate of Professional Photography (CPP) from Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Her All About You business specializes in portraits for all occasions.

Great photos are the life blood of online marketing. Marlene’s stunning pet portraits have created countless adoptions. Her patience and eye for capturing that special shot are as suited for pets as they are for families, seniors, and children. If you are looking for a special gift or have a family milestone you want to memorialize, we heartily recommend Marlene Lebel.

Marlene obviously has a big heart. She adopted Shorty a few years ago and fostered Lexus when the shelter filled up this month. She officially adopted Lexus since she fit into the family so well. Marlene, you are the best and thanks for all you have done.

Marlene with Shorty and Lexi

Marlene with Shorty and Lexi

Spring Wanderings

After taking photos today of a foster dog named Annie, I decided to wander over to an area nearby that I had never before explored, a bird wildlife refuge. Ah, it’s Spring so I decided to explore a little. It seems like it’s been ages since I’ve done this and taken photos of the area’s natural fauna. I used to do that quite often, but not so much so since I took up portrait photography.

So today I got back to my ROOTS – ha-ha, a not so funny pun! Anyhoo, it was a lovely day out today and many wildflowers were in bloom and there was a nice little path I took to explore the fauna. I kept hearing certain bird calls but I could not locate the birds themselves; I heard Cardinals, Blue Jays, Red-Tailed Hawk, and an owl. But no luck finding those.

But I was delightfully surprised to come across a wild turkey and a woodpecker! For fauna I found Spiderworts, Bluebonnets, and a Dandelion of sorts. And poison ivy!

So I hope you enjoy the fauna and birds I managed to capture with my camera on this little hike. Get out and enjoy the outdoors!