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 Why Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Child’s Photos

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“Unconditional love is the roots. Confidence is the wings. Young people who have both live bigger lives.”~Dr. Laura Markham

I was reading an amazing article in the Huffington Post written by a mother of four, Allison Tate, and every point she made rang true to what we do here at All About You Portraits. She reminds us why it is so important to have pictures WITH our kids, not just of our kids.

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Our children know we are constantly in their lives, watching them grow and change before our eyes, but if there are no pictures of this reminding them about the look of true and utter love in our eyes when we look at them, do they really know? This is the reason why you can’t count yourself out of their baby portraits.

Tiffany & baby

In Tate’s article, she tells her readers of how she took her entire family, including her 5 month old baby, to a formal sweet sixteen party for her niece, where, as party entertainment there was a photo booth.  Her 5 year old son comes running across the party to ask his mother to take pictures with him. She hesitates- not wanting pictures of herself because of all those silly and irrational “I don’t look good” reasons.  And that’s when it hits her. In her son’s eyes she’s beautiful, after all she’s mom- most likely his favorite person on earth.  In the end it doesn’t matter what she looked like or if she still had a few extra baby pounds, it matters that she was there with that familiar smile and her arms wrapped tightly around her son. 

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 Although this is hard to admit, you won’t be here forever. Whether you go tomorrow, or sixty years from now, you want to leave your children with memories of how much you loved them every single second of their lives.  Memories of your warm smile, unique hair, and familiar clothes will slowly slip away if you don’t have pictures to keep your image fresh in the minds of your loved ones.  As an adult, don’t you find that your favorite and most cherished pictures are those that remind you of your family? This will one day be true for your own children.

You cannot hide from the camera for the rest of your life because you feel insecure about your appearance.  You are the only one who feels this way about your pictures. The rest of your family will LOVE having you in the pictures with them.  After all, it is you who is there with them every step of the way.  As Tate states in her article “I want them to see the way I looked at them, see how much I loved them. I am not perfect to look at and I am not perfect to love, but I am perfectly their mother.”

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 Later down the road when you have more children, don’t forget to take individual pictures with each child.  Make them feel special and loved for who they are.  As the baby of my family, I have tons of pictures with my sister and brothers, less of the family as a whole, and very very few of just myself and my father, and NONE of me and my mother. As an adult, I wish I had more pictures showing that special bond I shared with my mother. It is very different from the one I share with the rest of my family. And I wish that I could display this bond with pictures in my home of me as an innocent 2 year old curled up on my mother’s lap, her trademark mom hair and that smile you were never able to coax out of her in a staged picture.

 So if you can’t take pictures with your kids for yourself, do it for your children. After all, isn’t it true that everything that we do we do for them anyways? We love them and would do anything for them, even put up with having our pictures taken.  So suck it up, suck it in, and smile for the camera!

Bastrop mother, father and two sons family







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