Do you remember what it was like for your senior pictures?

You stood in a long line until finally you were up front when a man called out, “NEXT!”? I sure do and I got crummy cookie-cutter senior photos that aren’t worth a hill of beans!

That is not the way a high school senior should be photographed the one day in their life that should be totally dedicated to them! I mean, just think about it; even when you get married, the photographs need to cover so many other people and the details of the bride’s dress, the venue, and the families. When else can a person have a day photographed dedicated just to them and them only?

So started All About You’s specialty in high school seniors! To create that one day totally dedicated to photographing the young person before he or she heads out to college or a job away from home. The one point in a young person’s life where they make the transition from child to adult, right before your very eyes! Capturing their many moods and expression to show off their own unique personalty.

CONGRATULATIONS MIA! Best wishes to you as you head off to college!

Mia B's senior photos